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All about us!

Where did the name come from? Well it is a simple story to be honest, we wanted a name that people would associate with quality and excellent service the first name that sprung to mind was Rolls Royce a renowned British name (at the time)  and that was where the initials came from!


We then asked ourselves what was the single most important thing we would want from a repair company if we had to call them out…..That was simple, we wanted above all that they would be Reliable, and of course that in turn was what we wanted to offer our customers.


Reliable Repairs, is of course a bold claim not to mention a little risky if you are not prepared to back up the title of your business. Well here we are many years later - same name and with over one hundred excellent reviews!


In 2013 the Keynsham branch of Reliable Repairs was launched by Nick Bromley, again an engineer with many years experience in the electronics industry. Nick started his branch of Reliable Repairs with the same ethos that drove the Oxfordshire branch and has moved forward with the business in leaps and bounds!  The Keynsham branch has quickly become known locally as the place to go for outstanding service and real value for money, most letting agents in Keynsham trust Reliable Repairs to supply a complete and reliable service both for repairs and installation of a range of our new appliances.