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Looking after future generations

If you are interested in looking after our planet, then think about this? How many retailers either on the High Street or online will take your packaging away when you buy a new appliance? MOST OF THEM is the answer. However .....And this might be fun to investigate for yourself....How many of them actually recycle the packaging? We don't know the honest answer to that BUT we do know that the percentage is very very low.


So if you want an excellent price and superb service doesn't it make sense to buy from Reliable Repairs? Whoops! I almost forgot to mention that we RECYCLE every piece of CARDBOARD, PLASTIC & POLYSTYRENE from every single new appliance you buy from us. 

Recycling or upcycling? We are happy either way. We have now made over 100 fire pits from stainless steel washing machine drums that would otherwise have been crushed. Every appliance we take away is stripped of any parts that can be re-used, we have often got pre-owned oven shelves in stock if you need an extra one, dishwasher plastic cutlery baskets are also offered if yours needs replacing. Nuts, bolts, screws, washers you name it, we try to re-use them. 

So remember, the best way to look after our planet involves not only shopping locally, but also making sure the appliance that has served you so well isn't just 'scrapped' and crushed with endless re-useable parts being wasted.