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First read the reviews!!

Then be amazed that we can always beat internet appliance sellers for service and pretty much every time beat them on price too.

"Excellent service - replaced our washing machine the same day at a higher spec and lower price than I could get online. They delivered, connected, removed the old machine and all the packaging and gave me a quick lesson on how to use the machine all as part of the price. Plus they recycle all the packing materials and as much of the old machine as possible. Great service - thank you!"

If you are interested in looking after our planet, then think about this? How many retailers either on the High Street or online will take your packaging away when you buy a new appliance? MOST OF THEM is the answer. However .....And this might be fun to investigate for yourself....How many of them actually recycle the packaging? We don't know the honest answer to that BUT we do know that the percentage is very very low.

So if you want an excellent price and superb service doesn't it make sense to buy from Reliable Repairs? Whoops! I almost forgot to mention that we RECYCLE every piece of CARDBOARD, PLASTIC & POLYSTYRENE from the new appliance you buy from us!

 Special Offers

We often have special offers available in limited quantity, for the very latest deals please check our facebook page or call the office in the area you would like delivery to. Remember we can often beat prices of other suppliers just because we can be more flexible with our buying, whatever you choose to purchase from Reliable Repairs, we will never compromise on our service.

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